Update – Be(a)ware of the antibiotics in meat

The Environmental Working Group (EWG)  has recently released a report called Eat Smart – A meat eater’s guide to climate change and health.  In this report they detail the findings of their recent studies which show high rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in some meat (as highappy cowh as 81% of ground turkey!).  Why does this matter? These antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat may have the potential to lead to dangerous antibiotic resistant infections in humans.  Shockingly, the majority of antibiotics that are used in this country are used for livestock not human consumption.  Often, these antibiotics are being used to increase the rapid growth of livestock and not to treat infections.  There are many health and environmental reasons why it may be to our advantage to decrease the consumption of meat.   Your can read my previous post about Meat Consumption and Health here.  You can also read the EWGs report here and also be sure to check out the EWG supermarket guide to avoid superbugs to help you avoid exposure to these superbugs and help you decipher what different labels like humanely raised, antibiotic free, cage free etc. really mean.


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